Thirty Before 30: inspiring happiness

I was just going through my blog reads and came across the amazing Joslyn’s post about happiness on Simple Lovely. It got me thinking…
I’m not an unhappy person… in fact, I am incredibly content. I love my family and love what I do. But, these days I wouldn’t say I’ve been particularly blissful. Kevin and I have been working to the bone and not taking time to enjoy the little things.
So, since I will be turning 30 this year… December to be exact… I thought I’d commit to making a list of thirty things that make me happy. Simple things I keep wanting to do, but just haven’t gotten around to. An attainable list… Not meant to stress me out. This isn’t a new concept, but it’s new for me.
I’ll commit to completing this list before I turn 30 (5 months from now!) and sharing it with you as we go! Kevin may not like this list of commitments, but we schedule everything else… So, why not schedule in a little inspiration. 
My Thirty Before 30.
1. Have a picnic at the lake with my husband & son.
2. Take a road trip.
3. Read a book.
4. Go to the zoo.
5. Get a massage.
6. Have girl’s night.
7. Have a TV series marathon weekend… now, to pick a show.
8. Make brunch for friends.
9. Take a day to visit museums.  
10. Date night with Kevin.  
11. Have board game night.
12. Get together with local bloggers.
13. Get a mani/pedi with a girlfriend.
14. Make whoopie. Those close to me know why this is particularly important… I’ll share if you ask!
15. Go to the State Fair.
16. Resume my annual Holiday Dinner for family.
17. Spend a day with Max… and not think about work that needs to be done.
18. Sleep in.
19. Play rock band.
20. Visit the aquarium.
21. Frame photos for around the house.
22. Have a family portrait taken.
23. Cook Kevin a delicious dinner.
24. Go to the movies.
25. Donate my time to a good cause. 
26. Go see live local music.
27. Go for a stroll with my family.
28. Have a glass of wine on the patio.
29. Go out to eat and only have dessert.
30. Buy produce at the farmers market.
Here we go…