The Value of Bringing an Interior Designer on Your House Hunt

When to Hire Your Interior Designer

There’s no shortage of decisions, and questions for that matter, that come with buying a new home. Whether you’re searching for a modern high rise condo with the perfect view or all the space for a bustling family, the house hunting process can be a lengthy–and tiring–one. If you aren’t a skilled professional in the design industry, it’s hard to know what to look for in a new space, beyond the obvious style and spacial fits. A real estate agent can help find homes that check your lists, but an interior designer can show you how your current furniture and style fit with the home and even better, how the home can be updated to truly become your own.

after-lakehouse retreat living roomafter- lakehouse retreat dining room

Questions like, “Can I arrange my living room to be functional when the cable jack is on that weird wall?” or “Are the bones of this home perfect for the renovations I want to take on?” don’t come with easy answers to an untrained eye. Choosing the right home to invest in is so much more than just checking the style, size and cost boxes. It’s all in the details… the details you probably wouldn’t even know matter until you’re try to fit a king bed in the master bedroom you thought was perfect, but actually doesn’t work for the way you live. Beyond the sheer frustration of having to adjust to these details after papers have been signed, fixing mistakes a designer could have foreseen can be very costly.

after-lakehouse-retreat-bedside-tableafter- lakehouse retreat kitchen

So the answer to that burning question of “Should I hire my interior designer before I’ve even decided on a house?” is a big yes. The best time to bring a designer onto your project is at the very beginning.


Take our Modern Mediterranean project, currently in progress, as the perfect example. We’ve worked with this client for years, so we were the first people she called when she decided to start looking for a new home. We were part of the house shopping process from the very beginning — joining her on tours, looking at layouts and starting discussions about what she wanted her dream home to look like when finished.

Modern California Farmhouse In Progress, Pulp in Progress, Laredo Home Renovation, Interior Design Transformation, Modern California Farmhouse Interior Design

We were able to lend our design eye to the big and small details of the spaces to guide our client to what was ultimately the right investment. We worked with our client from the get-go to create a vision for her home and were able to apply our expertise to the shopping process to ensure the one she chose could give her everything she wanted and more.Modern California Farmhouse In Progress, Pulp in Progress, Laredo Home Renovation, Interior Design Transformation, Modern California Farmhouse Interior Design Modern California Farmhouse Paint In Progress.002 Modern California Farmhouse Paint In Progress.005

Plus, bringing on a designer to help you shop for your home will save you infinite amounts of time. Just think about how nice it would be to have all the resources at your fingertips to answer all the questions you have! We can get started on the finished result from day one, so you get that much more time to savor your new home.