Luella & June – Where’d Ya Get That

Luella & June

Where’d Ya Get That?

January, 17 2013




























Where’d Ya Get That

By: Bradley Agather | Photography: Kelsey Foster

Happy Friday! First of all, I want to say thank you for all of the positive feedback and comments I received from my Glitter Guide feature this week. You all are I was so honored to be included on GG, and what fun it was to give you all a peek inside my apartment! (Thank you also to Kelsey Foster for her amazing photography!) Secondly, I have received quite a few emails regarding the sources for some of my furniture and accessories. Rather than try to answer each email individually, I thought it might be easier to just include all of the credits for each photo right here. Sound good? (Don’t stop emailing me though. I love to hear from you all!).

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