You Are What You Keep: Fabulous Collections from Three Top Designers

Pottery Barn LogoYou Are What You Keep: Fabulous Collections from Three Top Designers

By Courtney Lake from Pottery Barn, January 4th 2016

We know there is a fine line between hoarding and collecting when it comes to beautiful objects.  Whether it is snow globes, ceramic figurines or takeout menus (it’s a real thing!) we all have an affinity for acquiring and surrounding ourselves with things we love.  And honestly, why shouldn’t we?  We are collectors and the need to surround ourselves with beauty is a core aspect of who we are as humans.  So that got us thinking here in the office, what do designers collect?  The purveyors of good taste have access to countless treasures through their perpetual hunt for clients.  But what are the things that they can’t get enough of and collect themselves?  We asked three top interior designers to share candid shots of their own personal collections and what makes them special.

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What Do You Collect?

[Carolina] Since I was a young girl, I have collected oddities and natural curiosities from travels to Mexico, Asia and all over the US. I have been collecting unique objects since I was a child. From insects to Asian calligraphy brushes to strange rocks, my collection has grown with a common thread. If it’s unique and looks like it belongs in a library or science lab…I need it. Every piece has a story or sentimental value to me, which is what collecting is all about.

[Beth]: For years, I have collected hand sculptures throughout my travels and display in my home holding matchboxes, showcasing jewelry, and to make ordinary objects heroes. The red cast iron heart my son gave me for a special occasion becomes an artfully displayed accessory and jewelry that would normally be tucked away in a box or drawer becomes a functional accessory. It’s functional style that has sentimental value- that’s what good design is all about!

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Carolina V. Gentry RID, NCIDQ & Beth Dotolo, RID NCIDQ are the Co-Founders & Principal Interior Designers of Pulp Design Studios, a national interior design firm with a focus on High-End Residential & Small Commercial Interior Design. With locations in Seattle & Dallas, each space that Pulp Design Studios designs is dynamic, balanced, and infused with the personality of our individual client.

Like the above designers, our collections tell a story about who we are.  The layers of things you gathered over the years express a timeless quality that reflects your unique story.  So embrace your wanderlust and pick up that trinket on vacation because in the end it’s a story that will last a lifetime.

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