5 Tips for a Home Office Design that Works

The trend of working from home is definitely not going anywhere. In fact, Forbes says working from home is 5 times more common than it was just 5 years ago, and only 20% of employees work full-time in the office anymore. Most people work at home for at least part of the time, so a home office is still at the top of new construction and renovation lists. Pulp specializes in crafting those work-from-home spaces that are stylish, functional, and ergonomic. Here are our top 5 tips for creating a home office that really works!

1. Bring in the Experts

Depending on what you do for a living, you’re going to have very specific needs for your home office. So it’s always a great idea to bring in the experts. Maybe you need a custom partners desk because you work with your spouse. You might need a wall of monitors like you see above, because you need to watch several screens at a time. Or you could even require a special adjustable desk so you can stand or sit. To get exactly what you want, it is very important to bring in the people who know how to create your solutions. That includes tech experts, designers like Pulp, and millwork specialists! You’re going to spend a lot of time working in this space, so be sure it’s just right!

2. Seating Is Critical

You definitely need the very best office chair that you can buy. It should fit your body type and should be at the perfect height for your desk and keyboard. But none of us sit at our desks all day long, especially if we have laptops. So we always design home offices with additional seating, like lounge chairs, sofas, and guest chairs. Give yourself a lot of great places to sit and work – or even just to think or read!

3. Consider Your Background

Online meetings have become one of the most common ways to conduct business. And one thing we can’t stand to see is those blurred backgrounds or messy rooms behind someone on Zoom. You want to present a professional style at all times, including online! We always consider where our clients will sit for those meetings and give them a gorgeous backdrop that will impress their clients, customers, or colleagues. In our Kips Bay project above, we even turned a small niche into a Zoom Room with a stunning wallcovering. Then we had an artist paint the wallpaper pattern onto the ceiling and across the home office, as if the design was escaping and flying away. It definitely makes a statement!

4. Focus on Functionality

There are two things that are super-critical to making your home office work better. One is lighting and the other is storage. Be sure you have a lot of light sources, like lamps, overhead lighting, and natural light. Each one will help you focus on a specific task! And you can never have enough storage. We like to avoid all clutter with file drawers, shelves and doors that hide printers and routers, and storage for paperwork. Studies show that you can think more clearly with an organized space, so be sure you have what you need!

5. Inspire Productivity

You definitely want your home office to be inspiring and beautiful, not a room that you dread going into. Be sure that you have plenty of art, pattern, color, and texture. This should be a room that’s very personal, that motivates you to do your best work, and that makes you happy every day. Include things that mean something to you, as well as decor that showcases your personality.

Use these tips to design a home office that will keep you motivated and excited to start your work every day! And if you need help with a redesign or remodel, give our team a call!