AD Pro – How to Offer Digital Design Services

AD PRO – How to Offer Digital Design Services – April 2020
By: Katherine Burns Olson







More designers are making their services available remotely—should you?


…Others, like designer Sara Barney of Austin, Texas, opt to keep pricing the same, online or off: “We are keeping pricing steady regardless of if it’s in-person or virtual. Our time is our time, and isn’t worth less just because we are not in person.” Dallas- and Seattle-based Pulp Design Studios principals Beth Dotolo and Carolina Gentry also aren’t offering a discount on services but, instead, are dedicating their fee toward keeping their small business afloat and helping crisis responders: “We are donating half of the cost of the initial consult to the front lines fighting this health crisis. The bonus is that the other half goes to our small business to support us maintaining our staff during the economy crisis. We see it as a win/win.”


…When in-person interactions are flat-out banned, you’ll need to rely even more on some technical tools to fill the gaps. Okin explains, “We have to get that much more detailed and creative in our digital presentations. We have been using a lot of SketchUp, Revit, and mood boards, to help clients envision these spaces coming to life in 3D as well as providing clients with measurements for placement so they can execute at home.” Clients have been pulling their own weight, too. Dotolo and Gentry have asked customers to partner on site measurements and photos. “They’re stuck at home, anyway! We are providing a guide for measurements and photography that our clients can use to document each room.”


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