Dwell With Dignity – Supporter SPOTLIGHT: Q&A Time with Beth Dotolo of PULP Design Studios

Dwell With Dignity

Supporter SPOTLIGHT: Q&A Time with Beth Dotolo of PULP Design Studios

If you haven’t seen this lovely lady’s work, your jaw just might drop. Beth Dotolo is the Principle Interior Designer for PULP Design Studios and founder of the popular lifestyle blog, Hello,Splendor.  Recently, she became a huge supporter of Dwell with Dignity, offering her talents and expertise on DWD’s Leadership Council. We had the pleasure of getting personal with the lovely Ms. Beth Dotolo as she shared with us her insights on design, social media and DWD.

Q. Everyone has their own style….how would you describe your interior style?

A. My personal interior style is a mix colorful fun; quirky with natural elements, but always modern. My style for clients is always dictated by their personal aesthetic, but I help them elevate it and offer balance.

Q. How would you explain what “owning your own style” means?

A. Being confident in what you like is owning your style. Sometimes we are drawn to things that are not on trend or that others would find unattractive. If you love it, own it… confidence in something that you love is so appealing!

Q. What’s a typical day as a design expert at Pulp Design Studios?

A. There is no typical day! Work consists of designing, blogging, accounting, shopping, installing, and so on. Never a dull moment and always a good time!

Q. What inspires you everyday at your job?

A. Social media is a huge inspiration. From the amazing personal connections I’ve made, to the design blogs that provide inspiration for projects – I am constantly stimulated! I can even reach out to my ‘tweeps’ when I have a design dilemma. It’s really amazing.

Q. Tell us what your favorite blog is and why:

A. Mrs. Lilien! It’s always inspired and fresh. It’s not the same recycled content that you see on so many blogs.

Q. So tell us, how did you hear about Dwell with Dignity?

A. I kept reading about Dwell With Dignity in magazines and Daily Candy, etc. I just knew I wanted to get involved. How could I pass up a chance to put my skills to use for other people.

Q. Why is it important that we give back to the community?

A. I just think it’s important to help others with needs when you can. I also volunteer for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and raise funds to find a cure each year. But, Dwell With Dignity is especially important to me because I think that everyone should value their home and their environment. I think it’s great that we can show people that you don’t have to be rich to create a beautiful home for yourself.

Q. Beth, can you close us with an inspirational quote you live by?

A. “We must never confuse elegance with snobbery.” -Yves Saint Laurent

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