Lower Oak Lawn – Q&A with Beth Dotolo and Carolina Gentry

Lower Oak Lawn


by Kendall Shiffler

Pulp Design Studios might be a new moniker, but co-owners and interior designers Beth Dotolo and Carolina Gentry have been making names for themselves in the Dallas design scene for years.

When Beth broke the news of her new venture to me last week, I couldn’t help but dig in and ask all sort of questions. My nosiness turned into a full on Q&A with the ladies behind Dallas’ hottest new boutique design firm. Read on to learn more about this dynamic duo and their plans for Pulp Design Studio!

What made you decide that now was the time to go out on your own?

Beth: I think I had an ‘ah ha’ moment one day out of the blue when I realized that I just wasn’t meant to work for someone else. It’s not a negative thing, but more of a simple realization of reality that would lead me to being happy and successful. Not everyone is meant to work for someone else, and that’s a good thing!

Carolina: I still work for a hospitality firm Design Duncan Miller Ullmann but have always wanted to explore the residential side of the business. We have both designed multi-family. I have worked in hospitality for 9 years, so it’s a nice change to design an individual’s personal space.

How did you come up with the name Pulp Design Studio?

Beth: When we first started our business 4 years ago, we were primarily designing furniture. The name just sort of came to us because we were designing primarily in wood. And, of course, we loved the nod to the lurid and unexpected.

How did you two meet?

Beth: We worked together at a local design firm. In fact, I (Beth) was Carolina’s intern! We worked well together, we got along well, and established a great working relationship & friendship. We loved bouncing ideas off one another and every project we worked on together was taken to an exciting new level. Eventually we would live across the hall from one another, Carolina would be the maid of honor in my wedding, and we would start a business together! Who knew?!

How would each of you describe your design styles?

Beth: I am definitely more on the modern side of design, but I mix it with interesting, eclectic, and unexpected elements and colors.

Carolina: Definitely eclectic! My family would travel to Mexico a lot growing up so I love earthy and global accents in a contemporary setting. Mixing found pieces with modern furniture equals a great balance.

What are the strengths each of you bring to the business?

Beth: We are both, in my mind, good designers! But, aside from that, I absolutely bring a good sense of business and marketing to the table!

Carolina: We are both great designers!  I eat, drink, and sleep design. I am very passionate about what I do every day. I also have a lot of experience in different areas of design which puts us at an advantage.

Which design trend for 2011 are you most excited about using for clients?

Beth: Color!! I love to work with color…and when it’s trendy, clients tend to be more willing to take the leap. But, in my mind, color never goes out of style if used correctly!

Carolina: Jewel tones. Yes, they are coming back but in a new, sophisticated way.  Also, gray…different gradations of stone grays are hot this year. After all, you need a good neutral base to add all that color Beth is talking about.

All of us in LOL wish Carolina and Beth the best of luck on their new venture! Check out the new Pulp Design Studios website, now online atwww.PulpDesignStudios.com!

Pulp Design Studios

{Photography by Kevin Dotolo}

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