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Since our Pulp team has returned from High Point Furnishing Market we’ve already started incorporating all the latest goods and trends we spotted into our designs.  It’s extremely important to us and our clients to stay on top of new trends.

This spring, J Douglas, sponsored part of our trip to High Point and did not disappoint. We’ve been using their manufacturers on Pulp Design Studios’ projects for years! As an amazing full-service, to the trade, representative showroom carrying the highest quality of goods, we knew they would have all of the hottest trends covered. Check out what caught our eye this spring market…

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J Douglas represented many of the trends we saw this market. They really showcased the indigo trend impeccably! Beautiful pillows, books and artwork showed off these rich ink blue colors, creating a cozy and calming environment. From classic to edgy, to elegant and mod, every line they carry has it’s own personality, giving any designer a wide variety of selections to choose from. We were like kids in a candy store!

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Metallics are still going strong this market and J Douglas portrayed these trends well through the many of the manufacturers they represent. Wood and metal combinations were exhibited perfectly.  These trends were scattered throughout all of the vendor showrooms they represent, showcasing a gorgeous variety of furniture, lighting and accessories.  Especially gold and brass, which are truly here to stay.

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Our very own Beth Dotolo (a Style Spotter this year) spotted several items from the stunning lines J Douglas represents.  We fell in love with this cheeky hand vase in a gold metallic finish from Arteriors.  We’ll take two please!

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We we’re so excited to visit the J Douglas showroom and have already begun incorporating our finds into our interior design projects!

A big thanks, again, to J Douglas for bringing us to High Point. We couldn’t be more pleased to have partnered with a company that caters to our trade with style and finesse.

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