The 4 Types of Pulp Projects

We’re often asked how Pulp works with clients and the type of projects that we take on. No matter what type of project, we’re always going help our clients define a unique personal style and transform their interiors into spaces that are brag-worthy and innovative! And with our new locations in Portland and Lubbock (joining our offices in Seattle, Dallas, and LA!), we’re able to work all across the country. While Pulp does create both commercial and residential interiors, there are 4 types of residential projects that we gravitate to most!

1. New Construction

When Pulp is brought in early in the build process, we’re able to help guide some of the architectural decision making so the house truly functions perfectly for our clients. We’re designing the full package for these clients — finishes, lighting, paint, and furnishings for the entire structure, so there is a strong vision and an ability to deliver a stunning home that’s beautiful and supports the way our clients want to live! Because really, it doesn’t make sense to work with a design team of our caliber if you aren’t able to have a holistic vision that comes to life in the final look of the home! Here are some of our most successful new build projects:

2. Full Renovation

Whether it’s a new life stage or a not-great house in the perfect location, a down-to-the-studs renovation can rework a house so it really fits what our clients need! We spend a lot of time before any work starts to help define what our clients are looking for. Then we give them our creative vision for their home and show them the impact we could have on their space and on the important end-result. Once again, we’re talking about a complete vision for this type of project, from paint, tile, and finishes to lighting and furnishings. We maximize every square inch of a home to work perfectly for our clients, while delivering a stunning style. Take a look at a couple of our best renovation projects:

3. Micro Renovation

This is a service that we developed and it really makes Pulp stand apart from others. So what is a micro-renovation? It’s making smart decisions that give you a big impact! Pulp guides our clients to creating interiors that are the best they can be without a huge investment. This is also a great service if you just want a refresh of your home. That can include light renovations, as well as finishes, fixtures, and of course furnishings! Let’s take a look at some of our best nip-and-tuck approaches to updating a home:

4. Furnishings Projects

Occasionally our clients have a fantastic house with a great layout, but they just need help getting things over the finish line! The Pulp team are experts at adding more personality to rooms and making them stand out with stunning design. In those cases, the right furniture, art, and accessories can make ALL the difference! Check out a few of Pulp’s fabulous furnishings projects:

No matter which project type you’re interested in, the Pulp team is ready to develop a unique and stunning vision for your home. Give us a call!