6 Tips for Kitchen Investments

When it comes to making investments in your home, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms to consider. Here are Pulp’s pro tips for the 6 most important elements to invest in for your kitchen design!

1. Counters

The key to the right investments in your kitchen is to think about what you use the most. Counters and floors get a lot of action in a kitchen, so you need to select materials and styles that will stand up to a lot of use and abuse. For example, if you know you’re going to set hot pans directly on the counter, you may want to consider a quartz composite that won’t burn or show marks from the pans.

2. Cabinetry

We encourage all of our clients to spend money to get the storage they need in the kitchen, like in the stunning Dallas space we designed above. This room is probably used more than any other in the house and there is nothing more frustrating than not having space for items. Or not being able to easily grab what you need as you’re cooking. Think very carefully about what specialty items you may need to store and walk through those ideas with your designer and contractor.

3. The Right Appliances

How do you cook? That’s a question you should ask before you start purchasing the appliances for your kitchen. If you love to bake and craft gourmet meals, then a fabulous range like the one in a Pulp-designed Seattle kitchen is going to be on your must-have list. Or if you love wine, you may want to invest in a full wine fridge. Other options we talk about with clients are large refrigerators, fridge drawers, microwave drawers, double dishwashers, coffee stations and more. Select the right appliances to fit your lifestyle!

4. Faucet

You probably never think about how often you will use the faucet in your kitchen sink, but it is definitely a work horse! There are a lot of options in faucets today that will give you more functionality. You may want a tall faucet for deep pots, or one with a detachable sprayer. We really like the wave-over faucets that don’t require you to touch a thing for the water to start flowing. High-tech ideas are definitely out there, so explore your options.

5. Lighting

We love statement lighting in a kitchen, like the modern fixture above from Gabriel Scott in a modern farmhouse Pulp designed in Dallas. It’s like adding a piece of art the room! But you also want the light to function well, putting the spotlight on where you’re working or eating.

6. A Pantry

We love smart storage in kitchen! Most of our projects include a pantry because they keep things so organized and efficient. Think carefully about what you’ll store here so you can custom craft the right sized shelves, drawers, and cubbies for everything you want to tuck away.

Ready to design your dream kitchen? Give the Pulp team a call – we work all across the country AND around the globe!