How to Make a Dramatic Entrance

We all love to make a grand entrance and a great first impression! And that is exactly what your home’s entry should create for your guests. A beautiful foyer should tell a story about your home’s decor, and set everyone’s expectations high. Pulp is all about bold design and fabulous spaces, so here are our top tips for giving your home’s entry an amazing style that will wow your friends and family!

1. Set the Tone

From the front door, the entry should showcase the style and mood of your home’s design. If you have a contemporary house, then you definitely want to highlight the modern theme right away. In a minimalist house Pulp designed in Seattle, we used a unique cantilevered door and a neutral palette to showcase the style of the rest of the house. It makes a quietly bold statement that guests will find through each room.

2. Create a Landing Zone

If both your family and your guests will use the same entrance, be sure to create a landing zone that’s organized and stylish. You want a place for people to set their bags or keys, even temporarily, as well as a seat for removing shoes. Offer a table, bowls, trays, and other receptacles for whatever people are carrying. This will keep your entry looking chic at all times, like the Highland Park home we designed above.

3. Blend Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Dark and dull entries are no fun to enter, so brighten those spaces with doors and framing windows to let in as much light as possible. Let the design be the bridge between the outdoor space your guests are leaving as they step through your front door. In the Seattle home above, we used warm wood tones to complement the gardens outside, and even kept the concrete flowing into the foyer, polishing it for an indoor look.

4. Add Your Personality

If you’re making a first impression on someone, it’s best to show your personality, right? You should do the same in your entry! Offer clues to what you love with art, books, and fantastic accessories. In the Laredo home above, Pulp crafted a look that showcases our client’s fresh and modern style, while large mirrors reflect the beautiful front door and courtyard outside.

Use these ideas to create a grand entrance that will impress your family and friends! If you need help with your home’s design, give our team a call!