Making Time for Wellness at the Holidays

There is something so magical about the holidays – especially this year. There is a focus on family, new beginnings, and resetting our priorities. The Pulp team also puts a spotlight on wellness during the holidays. We close our offices from Dec. 24 through Jan. 2 so that our entire team can rest and recharge. It’s so important to make your wellness a top priority, now more than ever. And the holidays – a time when the world slows down – is a great time to refocus your attention on self care! Here are the top wellness goals that the Pulp team has for their holiday season.

Beth Dotolo with her family
Carolina Gentry and her husband

Family Time

The Pulp co-founders Beth Dotolo and Carolina Gentry love to spend time with their families! This has been a whirlwind of a year for the Pulp team, so having time set aside with no deadlines or design challenges is a huge luxury. If we’ve learned nothing else from the pandemic, we have all realized that there is nothing more important than our loved ones. Spending time with people that mean the most to us is the key to happiness, so Beth and Carolina plan to make the most of that time during the holiday season. And that includes their fur babies Luna and Bennie!

Carolina with Luna


Beth with Bennie

Healthy Eating

Of course there are fabulous things to indulge in over the holidays, but both Carolina and Beth love to create and eat healthy meals. Eating as green and clean as possible keeps them strong and at their creative best, so that’s the key to their holiday wellness season. It’s great to have that hot chocolate or a slice of Christmas pie, but use this season to also remind yourself of how important it is to keep your focus on your health. Especially during a pandemic, it’s key to allow your body to build up its immune system to keep you operating at your very best! But be sure you feed ALL of your senses by also taking the time to serve meals that look as good as they taste. Use your best plates, bowls, and serveware, and show you care by setting a stunning table! You don’t have to have guests to make it beautiful – you’re worth it, too!

A Restful Holiday

We all know how critical good rest and sleep is for our health and wellness, and there’s the temptation to see the holidays as the time to “catch up.” But the most important thing we can do is make good sleep our priority for 2022. We love to create restful rooms for our clients, with the right mattress, soft sheets, and comforting blankets and comforters. We also need to make a commitment to put our devices away at least an hour from our bedtime. Nothing should get in the way of a calm and restorative sleep. Create your own oasis for the very best rest in 2022.

The Outdoor Tonic

So many studies now show how important it is to our mood and our health to spend time outdoors. No matter how cold it is, or what the weather is, the Pulp team believes in getting outside for fresh air and vitamin D. Make time for walks or hikes, especially if you have dogs in the family. Take deep breaths and enjoy the gorgeous views – it should be a focal point for any wellness plan!

A Wellness Routine

Time to yourself is also an important part of self care, and that includes spa appointments, reading, meditation, yoga appointments, and more. Women, in particular, can dismiss things like that as indulgences. But lowering your stress level and doing something for yourself is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Commit to allowing yourself the time and investment to recenter your health!

We hope you’ll make your wellness a top priority over the holiday season and into 2022. Merry Christmas from the Pulp family to yours!