Why You Need to Rethink Wallpaper

We get it – wallpaper used to be scary and it still has a bad reputation. You used to have to work for days in a complete mess to get old wallpaper off the walls. It was frustrating. But today’s wallpapers are completely different! They come in gorgeous patterns and colors, and are far easier to install and remove. Here’s why we want you to rethink wallpaper:

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Interior by Pulp Design Studios. See the full project here.

Nothing Is Permanent

You don’t have to make a long-term commitment to wallpaper – there are fantastic temporary versions that will stay up as long (or as little) as you want them to. If you change your mind, it’s easy to take them down. Stains and spills aren’t permanent either. We love the new wipeable designs that stay fresh and spotless.

Interior by Pulp Design Studios. See full project here.

Show Your Personality

Wallpaper adds whimsy and drama more than any other decor could. Love books? Use the pattern that features thousands of Penguin Paperbacks. Feel at one with the sea? Let sea creatures make you smile in a powder room. There are endless possibilities!

Pulp Design Studios Handsome Highrise - Living Dining
Interior by Pulp Design Studios. See full project here.

Define Your Space

Wallpaper can be used in new and innovative ways. By installing it on the ceiling in this Seattle condo we designed, we helped define the living area as a separate space from the dining area. It gives the illusion of individual rooms in an open plan.

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Interior design by Pulp Design Studios. See full project here.

Make a Bold Entrance

Wallpaper sets a tone and provides the look of art in any space. We especially love it in an entry where it tells your visitors that this is a home that knows how to make a statement!

We want you to rethink wallpaper because it opens up so many new possibilities to set your house apart from everyone else’s and to showcase unexpected details. Let us know what you think about these wallpaper looks – are you ready to be bold?!