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Pantone 2018 Color of the Year Ultra Violet Home and Style Accessories - Stylish Color of the Year Picks

12 Interior Design Must-Haves in the 2018 Pantone Color of the Year

We’ve given ourselves a few weeks to simmer on the Pantone Color of the Year 2018 pick, but the time has finally come. Purple can be a difficult one to pull off, especially when it’s as purple as ultra violet. But, when it comes to a good product roundup we’re not ones to shy away from a challenge. Our design team searched the depths of the web and our online shop to find the most stylish picks in the Color of the Year. These pieces make us think maybe the color isn’t all that bad after all…

Pantone 2018 Color of the Year Ultra Violet Home and Style Accessories - Stylish Color of the Year Picks

  1. Akira Pillow  | 2. Bach Boysenberry Pillow (available to Pulp clients) | 3. Lilly Sculpture | 4. Violets by Zoe Bios | 5. Alana Chair (available to Pulp clients) | 6. Omari Small Sculpture | 7. Purple Geode Book Ends | 8. Taylor Lamp | 9. Bowl with Soul – Wide | 10. Héritage Cocktail Shaker | 11. Teardrop Vase | 12. S. Harris Amsterdam Fabric

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White Marble Interiors, White Marble Bathroom, Bold White Marble, Why You Need White Marble

3 Things You Need to Consider Before Using White Marble

Oh white marble… it’s a centuries old mark of luxury that we doubt we’ll ever get tired of. Heck, if the Italians used it in just about every structure, it must be good, right? We know we’re not alone in this love affair with a nice slab of sparkly white stone marked to perfection with dreamy grey veins, but we often find our contractors and interior design clients hesitant to make the leap.

Now you might find yourself wondering why anyone would opt out of a luxurious modern bath decked from wall to wall in hand-selected Carrara, but there are a few considerations to ponder when it comes to using this classic material.

Marble Slab Yard, White Marble Interior Design

The grounding factor of this sometimes hot debate is the wearability of a white marble. We revisited an interview with marble expert, Melissa Patterson of Renaissance Tile & Bath to get to the bottom of the Great Marble Debate.

Here’s the deal…

There are three questions you should ask yourself when selecting marble.

1. What’s the application? Marble is a natural product, so it’s going to change over time no matter the application. However, you should think about the traffic and frequency of contact the marble will encounter in your design– if it’s on a floor, expect signs of wear from foot traffic; If it’s on a countertop, consider the possibility of stains and rusting.

after- lakehouse retreat kitchen

Fearless Style Fit for a Family 9

2. What is your attitude? Some of our interior design clients need a product to look pristine and untouched even after years of use, and others don’t mind signs of life-lived on their materials. Both are valid attitudes, especially when you invest in your home, but consider what Patterson calls the European and American attitudes. “When you enter a European building, you can walk on the stone floors that are centuries old. Here in America, everything is roped off. I think that Europeans live more causally and enjoy the patina created from use and aging, where as some Americans want everything a bit more pristine.” What do we take from this? Do as the Romans do.


White Marble Master Bathroom

3. How do you live? This is potentially the most important question to consider when it comes to selecting absolutely anything for your home. It’s a grounding principle in our approach to interior design — if it doesn’t work with or elevate your lifestyle, than skip it.  Because acids from food and beverages can tarnish the appearance of marble if let to sit overnight it’s important to think about how you live in the space you are considering a marble finish. Are you the type of homeowner who picks up after yourself after each use in the kitchen? Or are you an on-the-go homeowner, where a kitchen counter wouldn’t get wiped down until the next morning?

All that said, we love white marble. There’s just nothing that feels quite as luxurious and dreamy as an impactful piece of marble.

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Winter Fruit Shrub Recipe - Apple Cider Vinegar Syrup Recipe - Non Alcoholic Cocktail Recipe - Homemade Soda Recipe

Go #DryJanuary Crazy With This Shrub Recipe

Ever heard that vinegar is good for you? It’s true, but we get it… it’s easy to be deterred from drinking a cup of what can taste like toxic apple acid. But, it’s that time of year again — resolutions lists are miles long and gym memberships have never been used more.

Cutting down on alcohol is a good step towards healthy, wholesome living and we’ll be the first to say we could use one or two (or three or four) fewer cocktails a week. We’ve been longtime fans of a fresh shrub and thought there was no better time than Dry January to give you the lowdown on how you can craft this beverage deliciousness for yourself.

If you’ve never heard of a shrub before, you’re probably wondering what type of drink would have the same name as a small woody plant. A shrub is actually a syrup made from sweetened fruit-infused vinegar that can be mixed to make alcoholic or non-alholoc drinks. And they’re delicious!

How To Make Your Own Shrub

Winter Fruit Shrub Recipe - Apple Cider Vinegar Syrup Recipe - Non Alcoholic Cocktail Recipe - Homemade Soda Recipe


1 Cup Seasonal Fruit — For winter, go for grapefruit, apple, or any berries you can get your hands on
Apple Cider Vinegar
1 Cup Sugar — Substitute honey or agave as a healthier alternative
Sparking Water


Fine Mesh Sieve
Jar for Infusion
Gemini Brass Coasters


Add your choice of in season fruit and sugar to a mixing bowl and muddle together. Cover and let sit for 1-2 hours.

Combine the fruit and sugar mixture with 1 cup of vinegar in a sealable container. There are many variations of shrub recipes, but we like apple cider vinegar best for taste and health benefits. Let the mixture sit at room temperature for 5-7 days, shaking about once a day.

Pour the mixture through a fine mesh sieve, pressing fruit to extract all liquid and flavor. Yay, you made a shrub!

Pour shrub syrup into glass and top off with sparkling water to taste.

You can refrigerate your extra shrub syrup for up to three weeks!

As interior designers, entertaining is always on our minds, so we love a good recipe that’s simple, but impressive to serve at your parties and dinners! Keep those entertaining and health goals going strong!

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The 5 Best Coffee Tables for Small Spaces

The 5 Best Coffee Tables for Small Spaces

We work with interior design clients in a very wide array of spaces — sometimes we’re designing an entire home large enough to accommodate 16 and other times we’re bring high-style to small scale city apartments. Space should never affect style, but sometimes we find ourselves in a design pinch and have to strategize. When working with small spaces, finding impactful and luxurious furnishings can be a challenge. We would never design a living space without a coffee table, so we rounded up the top five small coffee tables according to our interior design team…

The 5 Best Small Space Coffee Tables

Konnie Cocktail Table | Glenn Cocktail Table | Janson Coffee Table (available to Pulp clients) | Tre Metal Table | Taper Circle Cocktail Table

A coffee table is one of those essential home furnishings that you simply cannot skimp out on. Space constraints can present challenges, but it’s nothing that can’t be overcome., especially with the help of your favorite designers!

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How to create the ultimate home bar - Interior Design Tips on How to Style Your Bar Cart

Everything You Need to Know About Building a Home Bar

We’ve all been to that person’s home who has the ultimate home bar. Not only is it chic as can be and styled better than a Vogue editorial, but it is stocked to such perfection that anyone visiting is happy for a night in just to enjoy the view of the holy grail of bar carts. It’s true, home bars bring undeniable joy, whether it comes from the essential personal cocktail or the sheer sight of another well-designed space in your home. It’s the curation we all admire and all strive to have. Entertaining spaces are one of our absolute favorites to design for our interior design clients, so creating a comprehensive guide to the ultimate mixologist assemble was a given.

It all comes down to three steps.

The beginning of any project starts with the foundation. The first step to creating a bar that is not just stunning, but also suits your drinking needs (we all have them, it’s okay) is determining the best product to display and hold your goodies.

The most impressive home bars involve a built in and fully custom design, like the one we designed for a client pictured above. If you aren’t planning on taking on a home renovation, opt for a bar cart for your space. Consider the amount of space you have, whether you want your cart to be portable and the variety of the cocktails you’d like to be able to make. You want to chose a piece that will accommodate all of your needs and fit well into your space.

How to Build a Home Bar - Bar Carts for Every Style

Ina Rectangle Tray | Terrace Bar Cart | Charlene White Wine Cabinet | Come As You Are Rolling Bar Cart 

Now that you’ve selected the piece that will best elevate the way you like to entertain in your space, we can get to the fun part… the alcohol. People often think they need the most extensive collection of alcohol to have a complete home bar, but through the lens of our splendid living approach, this just doesn’t make sense.

Focus on the flavors and drinks that you love and create a selection of spirits that will allow you to create a variety of cocktails without going unused for months. Keep a few versatile mixers on hand and don’t forget the garnish!

Bar Cart Alcohol Shopping List

Bar Cart Mixer Shopping List

Spirits Pictured: Crystal Skull Vodka | Patron TequilaBulleit Bourbon | Campari | Martini VermouthAngostura Aromatic Bitters
Mixers Pictured: Agave Nectar |  | Dry Sparkling Soda | Seltzer Water | Bundaberg Ginger Beer
Must-Have Garnishes: Lemon, Lime, Salt, Mint, Lavender, Basil, Olives… knock yourself out!

And finally, you wouldn’t be able to reap any of the benefits of a well-curated and stocked bar without bar and glassware. This is the part where you should bring as much style into your setup as possible. Tea towels and coasters are just as staple to a bar cart as a bottle opener is. Chic accessories are essential when creating something that is styled, not just thrown together.

How to build a home bar.003

Barware: Gemini Tea Towel | Copper Bar SpoonRickey Cocktail Shaker | Viski Canterbury Jigger | Starck Juicer | Double Pour Bottle Opener | Gemini Matte Black Coaster Set 
Glassware: Enoteca Champagne Glass | Tour Red Wine Glass | Coupe Glass

It’s time to drink! You’ll never feel more inspired to make yourself a cocktail than after you’ve completed the ultimate home bar. And don’t forget, the most well-designed spaces are both luxurious and functional!

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Healthy Baked Salmon Quinoa Bowl Recipe

A Delicious Salmon Recipe To Kickstart Your New Year

New year, new me… right? Whether or not you make resolutions, the New Year is the perfect time to assess your goals and jumpstart healthy living for the rest of the year. It’s the peak week for dusting off those old gym shoes and scouring the depths of Pinterest for the best healthy recipes you can find.

We are all about a good healthy bowl. Not only are they mouth-watering  and delicious, but they are ultra nutritious and easy to make. After posting one of my favorites on Instagram, I was flooded with questions for the recipe and had to share because it is so simple! You’re welcome…

Your New Favorite Healthy Meal

Healthy Baked Salmon Quinoa Bowl Recipe



Steamed Broccoli
Grape Tomatoes
Diane’s Signature Italian Dressing (it’s sugar free!)


Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Rinse 1 cup of quinoa and add to saucepan with 2 cups of water. Bring to a boil, cover and let simmer on low to medium heat for 15 minutes.

Dress 4-6oz pieces of salmon with salt, pepper, herbs de Provence and a tiny pat of butter.

Bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes. Steam broccoli while salmon is baking.

Add all ingredients to bowl and enjoy!


Portland Bowl
Rush Gold Slotted Serving Spoon
Gemini Tea Towel

That’s it! Healthy meals that are delicious and easy to make really are the best… especially during the busy work week. Simple and nutritious meals make sticking to your New Years plans pleasantly easy — plus they look great when served in stylish wear… a Pulp necessity!

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Top Interior Design Trends in January 2018, Interior Design and Fashion Color Trends

These Color Trends Will Be Huge in 2018

Greeting the new year means welcoming a flood of new interior design trends. We’re bound to love some and loathe others, but if one thing is certain it’s that color will be making a splash in interiors all of 2018. A big splash. And we don’t expect vibrancy to limit itself to home textiles. Put on your rose colored glasses and watch as these ten trends mark their territory as leading style influencers, from interiors to fashion.

2018 Interior Design Color Trends Ibiza Bohemia Coffee Table Book

Our love for coffee table books is truly never ending. Ibiza Bohemia became an instant favorite the moment we pulled it out of the box for a client. A book as eye-catching and beautiful as this is the ultimate way to make a trendy statement in any space in your home or office. We might just have to snag a couple for ourselves…

2018 Interior Design Color Trends Large Window Architecture, Environmental Influence in Interior Design

It’s no wonder why this structural beauty designed by David Coleman was named among the best in residential architecture by Gray Magazine. Photographer Benjamin Benschneider perfectly captures the way structure and environment play equal parts in design. When a designer allows the natural background to play an influential role in design, color and impact are nothing shy of astounding.

2018 Interior Design Color Trends Eye Catching Textiles, S Harris Fabric and Textiles, Purple Pattern Textile

While we certainly love a luxurious subdued palette, eye-catching textiles and bold color play will be everywhere you look in 2018. Synapse Rouge by S. Harris is a shining example of the type of bold textiles we’ll be integrating into our most stylish projects in 2018.

2018 Interior Design Color Trends FJ Kashanian Rugs, Art Like Rugs, Vibrant Geometric Rugs

Statement rugs can play a similar role as gallery-picked artwork, especially when they are as well-designed as this rug that we are currently using in a client project. We expect to see designers using art-like rugs everywhere from residential to commercial.

2018 Interior Design Color Trends Blue Pattern Wallcovering, Destination Reading Nook, Interior Design Reading Nook

We’ve never seen such a cool reading nook. A space that’s often created to fill space is transformed into a home destination through the use of striking pattern splashed on every inch. Color is key when taking lesser used spaces in the home to magazine-worthy design. This space, photographed by Dominique Vorillon, is proof that fearlessness leads to the coolest spaces…

2018 Interior Design Color Trends Kelly Wearstler, Analogous Spaces in Interior Design

Analogous spaces, spaces that only use three to four neighboring colors on the color wheel, will be among the boldest in 2018. This concept space appears monochromatic due to the similar nature of the colors used, but does not lack in interest. Kelly Wearstler strikes perfection in this room photographed by Francois Dischinger.

2018 Interior Design Color Trends Floral Drama, Edgy and Feminine Floral Print in Fashion and Interiors

As interior designers continue to push the boundaries and create a divine intersection between interiors and fashion, our industry has more than caught up in terms of high-style risk taking in the world of design. Florals with an edge, like the Blossom wallcovering by Phillip Jefferies, are the perfect example of a stunning trend that bleeds from fashion to interiors, taking the feminine and giving it a blissful taste of drama.

2018 Interior Design Color Trends Eye Trend, Eye Patterns, Eye Design, Bold Eye Makeup Looks

One of our all time favorite forms of inspiration… the eye. We’re going full-throttle into the New Year loving this trend, whether it’s in the form of our Eye of Ra designs, or bold makeup looks like this one spotted in Elle. If one thing is for sure, it’s the time to let your eye shine.

2018 Interior Design Color Trends Orchid Arrangements, Floral Interior Design and Home Accessories

Elevate your interiors by introducing vibrant accessories to accent personal style. Sometimes all you need is an unapologetically bright accessory to capture hearts in your interiors. Maximalist or minimalist, this trend design tip elevates style like Anna Wintour editing a closet.

2018 Interior Design Color Trends Fromental Wallcovering, Rockface Wallcovering and Wallpaper, Geometric Wallcovering

Did you feel that? That was your heart fluttering at the sight of this absolutely breathtaking wallcovering by Fromental. Rockface is such a stunner that we simply cannot wait to use it in a project. We’re never shy about our love for a statement wallcovering, and this one is definitely no exception.

We can’t wait to see what 2018 will bring Pulp’s way, but if we can predict one thing, it’s that the year will bring some of our all-time favorite trends…

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