11 Items You Need for A Fearless Master Bedroom

Fearless Style Fit for a Family, Master Bedroom featuring geometric and classic wallpaper, blue metallic wallcovering, white beaded chandelier, jewel box style master bedroom, circle accented mirror, coastal style family home

To celebrate this project hitting newsstands in Better Homes & Gardens November 2017 issue, we are sharing a breakdown of this bold and dynamic master bedroom from our Fearless Style project. Our interior design clients were undeniably bold when it came to this space, giving us the freedom to push the design to its ultimate creative limits. See our tips for creating a fearless-yet-soothing master along with the 11 essentials behind this space…

Fearless Style Fit for a Family 20

5 Tips To Strike Perfect Balance Between Bold + Soothing

  1. Palette. Keep bold pattern soothing with a soft palette that still packs a punch.
  2. Lighting. A daring room needs statement lighting. We selected a neutral and intricate piece to create interest without overpowering the rest of the space.
  3. Hardware. Well-designed spaces need cool details on every inch.  Update furniture with fresh and unique hardware to achieve an elevated look.
  4. Reflections. Mirrors make spaces feel larger and are essential for dressing and living areas. Chose a mirror that complements the room’s details.
  5. Go bold or go home. When covering a room in a bold wallcovering, don’t forget the fifth wall — the ceiling. Putting wallcovering on the ceiling makes a space feel more intimate and makes an instant statement.

Essentials for a Fearless Master Bedroom featuring Jewel Box Wallcovering, White Beaded Chandelier, Gold Hand Accessory, Blue Throw, Bernhardt Media Console, Coffee Table Books

1. Ro Sham Beaux Malibu 18 Pendant  | 2. Cole and Son Vivienne Westwood Squiggle Wallcovering |  3. Bernhardt Media Console (available to Pulp clients) | 4. Brass Hand | 5. Mosiac Quatrefoil Box |  6. Tom Ford Book | 7. In Vogue Book | 8. Ollie Mirror | 9. Herringbone Throw | 10. Starburst Pull Hardware, Nickel | 11. Cabochan Lamp

Meet the clients and tour this fearless family home here.

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