4 Tips for Stunning Neutral Rooms

Designing with a neutral palette doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, the Pulp team loves to use those calming colors to craft beautifully bold interiors. But how do we do it? The secret is to use 4 design ideas to take things from so-so to wow-worthy! Try these tips for gorgeous rooms:

1. Texture

In a room that has a quiet palette, it’s important to add a lot of texture for visual interest. In the modern Dallas farmhouse that Pulp designed above, we used a variety of different textures. The leather fringe, velvet pillows, tweed upholstery, and wood surfaces not only feel fabulous, but they also add depth and dimension to this living room.

2. Pattern

Even though the colors in a room may be limited, there’s so much you can do with pattern to liven things up! In the Dallas dining room above, Pulp used grays and browns for a sophisticated look. But a bold pattern on the rug and wallpaper on the ceiling make things daring and dramatic. And there’s even a pattern on the walls to break things up. The result is much more adventurous, proving that you don’t always need eye-popping color to shake things up!

3. Material

When it comes to a modern organic look, it’s definitely a material world! So think natural when working with neutrals. For the stunning modern treehouse Pulp designed in Seattle, we gave a neutral space a gorgeous style by using wood, metal, concrete, stone, and fabrics. That array of materials makes this living room look like it’s part of the natural world just outside those windows!

4. Tone

Did you know that Sherwin-Williams offers over 120 shades of white paint colors? It’s all about the undertones, which can range from green to pink to yellow. So when you’re designing with neutrals, consider varying the tones and shades of one color for a serene and calming oasis. In that modern treehouse that Pulp designed, we used a driftwood color as a starting point and then layered in lighter and darker tones. It created a dreamy bedroom that’s perfect for a good night’s sleep!

Use these ideas to make the most of your neutral palettes! And if you need help designing your new home, give our team a call!