How to Design Your Kitchen to Fit Your Cooking Style

The first thing we ask a client before we begin to work on their kitchen renovation is how they like to cook. That single question really lets us know which direction to take the design. Different cooking styles will let you know what you should invest in and what features are less important. Here are some of the ways people use their kitchens and how that impacts design!

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Interior by Pulp Design Studios. See full project here.

The Entertainer

If you love to entertain and have friends and family over, then a large kitchen island is perfect for you, especially in an open-plan kitchen. It provides seating for people to gather as you cook, and gives you a surface for serving. You also may want to consider a wine refrigerator, an extra ice maker, and maybe even a built-in coffee machine. That’s a real crowd pleaser!

Pulp Design Studios Handsome Highrise - Kitchen and Dining
Interior by Pulp Design Studios. See full project here.

The Social Foodie

If GrubHub is one of the top 2 apps on your phone, then you need a very specific kitchen. You’ll want plenty of storage for leftovers in your fridge, and a great way to reheat. A stylish place to sit and enjoy your favorite dishes is a must, like the island we designed above. With the white counters, it’s also a great spot to Instagram the fabulous food you’ve brought in, or a dish you’ve created over the weekend.

Interior by Pulp Design Studios. See full project here.

The Serious Cook

Even though you may not have the time to create a gourmet meal every time, you definitely know your way around the kitchen. You’ll want to invest in a great range, maybe even with a fantastic new steam oven or a warming drawer. You’ll also want a lot of storage for all those implements, pasta machines, and ingredients. And don’t forget how important lighting is. Task lights, like the pendants you see above, will help you clearly see every recipe.

Interior by Pulp Design Studios. See the full project here.

The Family Affair

A big family can give a kitchen a real workout , especially when an island often doubles as a homework spot. If you have a lot of family members in the home, consider doubling up on key pieces like dishwashers. They’ll really save you a lot of time and effort. We also like to suggest under-counter drink fridges, so kids and teens can help themselves without opening and reopening your full-size refrigerator over and over. And a nice long island will give you seating for everyone and a great place to get the kids involved in dinner prep.

So what’s your style? Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, be sure yours is really working for you and your family!