Project in Focus: Creative Design Takes Flight

The most successful projects are when clients really let us design for them and have unrestrained creative fun. That’s what it should be! In our modern Lake Washington project, our clients were drawn to Pulp Design Studios because they (like us!) are not afraid of color, pattern, or taking a risk. While we’ve walked you through this project before, there’s one design element that came in after the full installation, but it was definitely worth waiting for.

This gorgeous house created by DeForest Architects has a great flow with rooms opening onto each other. Beyond the living room, as you can see above, is a fabulous art studio that can be transformed into a guest space by using a clever Murphy bed design. But sometimes, especially with guests, the room needs a bit more privacy. So there is a hidden room divider behind that wall you see above.

You can see another view above, including just a few pieces of our clients’ incredible collection of art. But the Pulp team knew that we didn’t want to just see a blank white expanse when the door was pulled across and the rooms were divided. So we found our inspiration in our clients’ art. We knew we couldn’t hang anything on the door because it would never close – but we’re known for our creative solutions and those special wow-factors in a home’s design.

We worked with Phillip Jeffries, an incredible wallcovering company, to help us take “Flight” with a stunning custom art concept. You can see the strike off above – it’s a sample that allows us to carefully check the color and pattern to be sure it’s exactly what we envisioned for the project.

After installation, even with the room divider pulled partway across the space, you can see how this wallcovering becomes a stunning mural and a peek-a-boo art concept.

With the room divider fully extended, it becomes an incredible work of art on its own and the perfect backdrop for the room’s design.

The Pulp team loves to curate artful moments and to create those unique custom details that set a project apart. If you want your home’s design to really take flight, give us a call!