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Pulp Design Studios Traditional Home Dallas Showhouse Entry Design

The Best Things That Happened in Interior Design in 2017

What a year it’s been… Wrapping up 2017 has been a bittersweet affair. We’re reluctantly waving goodbye to one of our best years yet, but eagerly looking forward to all the design goodness that 2018 will bring Pulp’s way. Time seems to only go faster as we add more projects to our boards and watch our schedules fill with travel, events and installs that we cannot wait to share with the world. We’re kicking off the year strong and booking clients for 2018 projects. Before we dive head first into another highly anticipated year, let’s recap the highlights of 2017…


Pulp Design Studios at KBIS 2017

We kicked off the year by heading to Florida to attend The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show with DXV!  We scoped out up-and-coming design trends to inspire a year full of projects for our interior design clients and wooed Howie Mandel with our Design Panel space.


Seeing our design for the DXV 2016 Design Panel in some of our all-time favorite publications, like Vanity Fair (gasp!!) and Architectural Digest was definitely a career highlight. Working with DXV on this project was an all-around amazing experience and seeing it published was the sweetest of cherries on top.


Pulp 2017 Recap.003

We headed to Palm Springs after being invited by DXV to attend and speak at Modernism Week! It was a great opportunity to network, learn and soak in all the beauty of one of our favorite areas.


Pulp 2017 Recap.004

Not only was this one of our busiest years yet, but we celebrated our 10 year business anniversary on March 15! We couldn’t have asked for a better tenth year and love looking back on our milestones over the years. Check out our videos and anniversary page to see just what we’ve been up to these past 10 years! We hope you appreciate this throwback photo to Pulp’s early days!

2017 Timeline Recap.001

It was splendid timing to celebrate being named among the best interior designers in Dallas by D Home Magazine during the same month we celebrated our 10 years!


Pulp 2017 Recap.006

We hopped on another plane and headed to High Point Market for one of our favorite design trips every year. We spend the weekend touching, feeling and testing out the best furnishings for our clients.

2017 Timeline Recap.002

We outgrew our Ballard studio and moved into a storefront space in Queen Anne, one of our favorite Seattle neighborhoods!


2017 Timeline Recap.003

 The kitchen we designed for our Contemporary Warmth project was featured in Elle Decor‘s roundup of “50 Incredible Chef Kitchens for Every Type of Cook“! Seeing this feature was such a treat!

Pulp 2017 Recap.007

We were thrilled to take part in A Well-Designed Business podcast to share a bit of insight into what goes on behind the scenes at Pulp. There was no better way to make our podcast debut!


Pulp 2017 Recap.008

Nearly no month of 2017 lacked a design trip. We jetted to NYC in July to pass the design panel baton to DXV’s 2017 panelists. We always look forward to seeing the amazing work each year’s set of designers execute!


Pulp 2017 Recap.009

We installed our Traditional Home Dallas Showhouse space and attended a weekend full of glamorous and designed-filled events to celebrate the opening of an absolutely stunning showhouse!

Pulp 2017 Recap.010

Another Showhouse toast was in order as our Napa Showhouse space, designed in 2016, hit newsstands nationwide in Traditional Home‘s October/November issue.


Pulp 2017 Recap.011

Our Fearless Style project was featured in a four-page spread in the November issue of Better Homes and Gardens. We’ll never get enough of this project and were so proud to see it published in print!

Pulp 2017 Recap.012

After nearly an entire year of relentless work to bring our first collection of entertaining and gifting goods to utter perfection, we launched Kismet Lounge into the world in October.

Pulp 2017 Recap.013

Another day, another feature. We were thrilled to see the guest bathroom we designed for a long-time Pulp client featured in the awe-inspiring Gray Magazine.

Pulp 2017 Recap.014

October’s High Point Market marked a new milestone for Pulp as we stayed back and sent our design team to scope the best of the best without us. We loved hearing about their experiences and getting to see all the goodies they brought back!


Pulp 2017 Recap.015

We brought our collection to the ultra-sleek Thompson Hotel in downtown Seattle for an afternoon of sipping and shopping with some of Seattle’s finest. We also hosted two amazing pop-up’s in our Seattle and Dallas studios to celebrate the launch and allow our clients and customers an exclusive look at the line.

The Best of 2017

IMG_6897 IMG_6899 IMG_6900

That’s a wrap! The entire Pulp team unanimously agrees that it’s been an absolutely remarkable year– splendid living for sure! We can’t help but feel deeply thankful for our team and family of clients, followers and customers for making 2017 one for the books. So many thanks to our amazing clients for allowing us to live our dream! Now to rejuvenate those design juices, we’re signing off until 2018…

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The 5 Things You Need To Complete The Holidays


A holiday party just wouldn’t be right without a season cocktail mixed to perfection. This week we’re absolutely loving this festive twist on a classic drink. Get your copper mugs out!


We love a good signature scent, especially when it’s reminiscent of cozy winter days and quality time snuggled in with the family. The Feu de Bois/ Wood Fire candle from Diptyque is a must.


Put the cherry on top of your entertaining game and elevate your holiday gift wrapping with some seriously beautiful festive wrapping inspiration from These Four Walls.


We love a classic set of pajamas any time of the year, but think this set from J. Crew is especially needed during the holidays.


While the holidays are in full swing, there is no end to great parties in sight. The tastemaker never shows up empty handed… be any hostess’ favorite guest with the perfect gift from Pulp’s ultimate gift guide.

We hope everyone has a splendid holiday season!

Holiday Cranberry Vodka Mule Recipe

This Cocktail Recipe Is Worth Clinking Glasses For

Our interior design clients love to entertain and we love to design spaces that would make any booze enthusiast shed a few tears of joy. We put those two together and sprinkled in the holiday season for the perfect reason to share a new holiday cocktail recipe, complete with interior designer picked barware to finish the look. This twist on a fan favorite by Home Sweet Jones is a new classic and we’ve been loving it all season long!


Holiday Cranberry Vodka Mule Recipe


1 1/2 oz Vodka | 1/2 oz Unsweetened Cranberry Juice | 1/2 oz Ginger Beer | 1/2 oz Simple Syrup | 1 Rosemary Sprig | Orange Slice + Sugared Cranberries for Garnish


Rickey Cocktail Shaker | Eye of Ra Matte Black Coaster Set | Moscow Mule Gold Mug


Add vodka, cranberry juice and simple syrup in cocktail shaker. Add ice and shake. Pour into a festive gold Moscow Mule mug, top off with ginger beer and add rosemary sprig. Garnish with sugared cranberries and a slice of orange and enjoy!

This recipe is perfect for the entire holiday season and New Years! Complete your entertaining game with our Kismet Lounge collection and favorite bar carts on the market.


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Pulp In-Progress - Queen of Spain Wallcovering, Playful Photographic Art, Cloud Wallpaper, Marble and Gold/Brass Coffee Table, Gold Face Sculpture, Blue Sitting Pouf, Textiles, Decorative Pillows

Why You Should Hire a Designer When You Feel Burned Out

As part of our Three-Step Design Process, we are taking you on a tour through projects that are currently in progress. It will be a fun look into who we’re working with, what made them want to hire a designer and how we are working with our clients to help solve some key design challenges that will improve their daily experience. Plus, you’ll get a glimpse at some of our designs before they’re completed!

Step One: Consultation + Intake

Interior Design Renovation In Progress - New Build Interior Design Renovation In Progress - New Build

“Building a new home is a huge investment and involves a flood of critical decision making, which easily burns out homeowners.”

Interior Design Renovation In Progress - New Build


These clients are a super cool young couple with a young daughter who recently finished building a stunning modern home in Seattle. Our clients tapped Pulp to furnish their entire new home and select hardware and lighting to take the design to the next level.


We love getting in on projects before the build breaks ground, but were happy that these clients brought us on before construction finished. Building a new home is a huge investment and involves a flood of critical decision making, which easily burns out homeowners. This was the first home this couple really invested in and made theirs, so they wanted the experts to come in and do their thing when it came to interior design– a really good call to make, especially when you want to end up a home you truly love!

Interior Design Renovation In Progress - New Build Interior Design Renovation In Progress - New Build

Step Two: The Design Phase

Here’s where we took everything we learned from our clients at our consultation and intake process and put all that information and our creativity to work for our clients. We started really getting to know who they are, their vision of their home and how they tend to “do life” in each room. Then we started by gathering inspiration from our clients in the form of a Pinterest board and began to collaborate on the design between our offices.

Vibrant and Playful Design Scheme for a Modern Interior Design Project


Through our Splendid Living approach, we discovered that our clients entertain large groups often, especially during the summer and football season. They were also looking for a clean, sleek and sophisticated look that elevated the overall design. The design inspiration behind this project was unique because we were working with a very modern home and creating a design that felt luxurious and a bit glamorous, while still fitting in with the style of the architecture. These clients like neutrals but weren’t afraid of punches of color– oh how we love that in a client!


This house has great square footage for Seattle. The rooms are spacious, but have unique shapes in terms of possible furniture layouts. Our clients really wanted a sectional in their living room, but this wasn’t exactly idea due to the layout. We wanted to give them a space that felt just as cozy and comfortable, so we designed up a storm to create a room they would love just as much, sans sectional.

Step Three: Installation + Execution

Queen of Spain wallcovering install, back and white pattern wallcovering

“These clients like neutrals but weren’t afraid of punches of color– oh how we love that in a client!”

Queen of Spain wallcovering install, back and white pattern wallcovering

 Wood credenza and accent pillow interior design installation

“This was the first home this couple really invested in and made theirs, so they wanted the experts to come in and do their thing when it came to interior design.”

Area rug installation in living room David Bowie Book Styling with Silver Chrome Peace Sign Home Accessory

We have installed phase one and two of this project and cannot wait to see the finished result. Everyone’s jaws dropped after the wallcovering above was installed in our clients’ guest bath. They are absolutely in love with this home so far and are just as excited as us with the result.

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Five best things for your weekend, interior designer favorites including Coco Kelley's gift guides and throw giveaway, Trader Joe's bagel seasoning, homemade green cleaning product recipe, Oribe texturing hair spray, collagen protein powder

Eye Spy New Weekend Favorites


We spy our Eye of Ra throw in Coco Kelley’s Shopping Small gift guide! Not only are we obsessed with the throw in her home, but we love that she featured small businesses! If you’ve had you eyes on this throw, check out her gift guide for a chance to win one!


Did a bagel seasoning make our weekly favorites list? It did. Our offices can’t seem to get enough of this magical mixture from Trader Joe’s!


We find ourselves referring back to this oldie but goodie blog post for one of our favorite homemade green cleaning recipes! Toxic chemicals seem to be in everything, so we love knowing exactly what we’re spraying around the home!


The week wouldn’t be finished without a new beauty and self care favorite to add to the list. There’s no problem Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray can’t fix! This spray is a must if you’re going for the edited and intentional messy do look… a classic!


Health is essential to productivity, happiness and a sickness-free holiday season! The Collagen Protein from Bulletproof is a must to stay ultra-healthy all year round.

We’re wishing you a splendid weekend!

Holiday music for parties, good holiday music, curated holiday playlist

The Holiday Playlist You’ll Be Listening To All Season

‘Tis the season for holiday parties which means another killer Pulp playlist is in order. We all know how fast things can turn cheesy when it comes to seasonal decor and sounds, so we curated a list of our favorite holiday music that you will actually enjoy listening to! Perfect for decorating the tree, toasting to a new year or unwrapping gifts with your nearest and dearest.

We love curating experiences for our interior design clients — sometimes that means putting together a hip playlist for those very important holiday party needs!

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Fearless Style Fit for a Family 9

The Ultimate Family-Friendly Kitchen Has These 11 Items

We are always immersed in projects for our interior design clients who love to use their kitchens and dining rooms. Whether they love to entertain guests or just need a durable, family-friendly kitchen, we are constantly creating smart and beautiful solutions to our clients’ needs. These spaces are especially popular during peak entertaining seasons, like the holidays, so we pulled together the essentials for a family-friendly kitchen, inspired by our Fearless Style project. See the essentials…

Family-Friendly Kitchen Essentials

Fearless Style Fit for a Family 10

Dining + Kitchen Essentials - The Essentials for a Family Friendly Kitchen with Chalkboard Paint, Blue Cabinets, Bright Bar Stools

  1. Black Pendant Light  (available to Pulp clients) | 2. White Marble Pull | 3. Benjamin Moore Santorini Blue 1634 Paint | 4. Sidewalk Chalk | 5. Devine Coal Chalkboard Paint | 6. Powder Coat | 7. Lyon All Welded Steel Seat Stool | 8. Boom Sculpture | 9. Printed Bowl | 10. Rickey Cocktail Shaker | 11. Acacia Wood Cutting Board

Tour this fearless and bold family-friendly home and see the feature in Better Homes & Gardens!

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