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3 Ways to Style a Stunning Coffee Table Beyond the Books

There are countless ways to style a coffee table, but if there’s one common thread it’s that it’s all in the details. When it comes to finishing an interior design client’s coffee table with the Pulp Final 15, we always personalize, add plenty of unique details and keep it functional. Good design showcases a client’s personality and elevates everyday living — there’s no detail that doesn’t serve a purpose, whether it be for aesthetic or organization. But it’s not all about the coffee table books… see three ways to style your coffee table beyond the books.

How To Style a Coffee Table

How To Style a Coffee Table

  1. Start with a tray. If we start styling a coffee table anywhere, it’s with the tray. Even the simplest of accessories will feel elevated when layered on top of a tray. Styling magic!
  2. Add dimension and flair. Create dimension by adding sculptures and accessories of varying height and material. Accessories should work to draw the eye and express personality, so we like to use coffee table books and objects that bring our design clients’ passions to life.
  3. Keep it functional. You’ll be living here, after all! Layer in smaller catchalls and bowls to the space to add extra options for stylish storage.

20150401 - Yarrow Point (8 of 31) 20150401 - Yarrow Point (22 of 31)

Coffee Table Styling.0011. Golden Hands | 2. Walker Bone Boxes | 3. Amina Trays 

Coffee Table Style Tips 1 Coffee Table Style Tips 2

Coffee Table Styling.0021. Design of the 20th Century | 2. Bone & Nickel Tray | 3. Gold Nugget 

Coffee Table Style Tips 4

Coffee Table Styling.0031. Natural Horn Bowl | 2. Louvre: 400 Masterpieces | 3. Small Jigsaw Vase 

After all the finishes and furnishings are in, we have so much fun getting our hands on the accessories we’ve selected for a client to style out their space with flair — who doesn’t love a stunning coffee table?

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Pulp In-Progress design lakeside home

First Look at a Lakeside Project In Progress

As part of our Three-Step Design Process, we are taking you on a tour through projects that are currently in progress. We love getting to share in inside look at who we’re working with,  why they wanted to hire an interior designer and how we are working with our clients to create forever spaces that elevate the way they live.

Step One: Consultation + Intake

Pulp Design Studios In Progress.003


Our clients are a busy family of five who live in a beautiful home on the water in Seattle. Before bringing us on, they completed a substantial renovation of their home but hadn’t taken on whole-home furnishings and finishing touches. They have amazing taste and incredible art and simply ran out of steam when it came to finishing their home. They knew they needed to bring in a professional to complete their interiors the right way, the same way they would rely on an architect and a contractor.

Through extensive research and vetting they found Pulp and filled out our interior design intake form. After chatting on the phone and an initial consult, we jumped on the project to design out our clients’ entire home of furnishings, including all living spaces, the master bedroom and kids’ bedrooms. We also selected lighting in key spaces and minor renovation items in key spaces throughout, that were not completed during their whole-home renovation.

Pulp Design Studios In Progress.002 Pulp Design Studios In Progress.004


These clients had already completed a renovation of their home, but had run out of steam to tackle the interior finishing touches and furnishings. Instead of trying to fill in the gaps themselves working around their busy schedules, our clients decided to hire an interior designer who would do it right the first time. Our clients wanted a home they could proudly and comfortably entertain and live in, so putting the interiors in the hands of designer was a long-term investment in their lifestyle.

Step Two: The Design Phase

Here’s where we took everything we learned from our clients at our consultation and intake process and put all that information and our creativity to work for our clients. We started really getting to know who they are, their vision of their home and how they tend to “do life” in each room. Then we started by gathering inspiration from our clients in the form of a Pinterest board and began to collaborate on the design between our offices.


Through our Splendid Living approach, we learned the ins and outs of how our clients live in their space and what they envisioned their dream home to be. When we initialing started designing this project, we went in a more traditional direction, drawing inspiration from preppy, classic style that our clients loved. After showing our clients a couple design options, we realized that while they loved classic, they were also really drawn to a merge of bold and modern. We wanted to give our clients a design that complemented the blend of styles and the home’s architecture.

Here is a glimpse of the Pulp magic coming these client’s way…

Pulp Design Presentation, Interior Design Process, Interior Design Presentation, Traditional and Modern Home Interior Design Inspiration


The door in the entryway is really high so our clients wanted an a cool, statement lighting fixture. However we had limited space to work with, so we problem solved by adding a stunning wallcovering to the ceiling to help elevate the overall effect of the fixture we selected. Here’s a little glimpse into the installation progress of that wallcovering in the entry ceiling… wait until you see the rest!

Pulp Design Studios In Progress.006

Step Three: Installation + Execution

The wallcovering is going in and the contractor is hard at work, while all of the furnishings continue to arrive. It’s all timed to perfection so that we can install all the furnishings as soon as the contractor is complete! Here’s a little peek at the progress…

Pulp Design Studios In Progress.005


Our clients have great style and taste so they are excited to see what everything looks like when it all comes together during installations. With construction in progress and a few stunning wallcoverings installed, our clients can’t wait to see how every detail comes together to fit their lifestyle and create a cohesive space they can really live in.

Stay tuned as we continue to bring this home to interior design life!

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Wellness Snack Essentials, Fast Healthy Snacks for On the Go, Rice Cake Snack, High Protein Snacks, Turmeric Tonic Recipe, Almond Butter Snack Recipe

Refresh Your Wellness Routine With These Healthy Snacks

The quest for healthy and delicious snacks seems to be never ending. Between interior design projects, the Pulp team is always sharing new recipe and quick bite finds to keep everyone’s wellness routine fresh. It’s important to nourish throughout the day to keep your energy high (and the design juices flowing, of course!) so we’ve developed a few favorites around the studios. Is there anything better than snacks that are good for you?

Wellness Snack Essentials, Fast Healthy Snacks for On the Go, Rice Cake Snack, High Protein Snacks, Turmeric Tonic Recipe, Almond Butter Snack Recipe

  1. thinkThin High Protein Bars | 2. thinkThin S’mores Protein & Fiber Bars | 3. Lundberg Family Farms Organic Brown Rice Cakes | 4. Lemon Ginger Morning Detox Drink | 5. Justin’s Maple Almond Butter Squeeze Packs | 6. Epic All Natural Meat Bar, Chicken Sriracha

We all need a little wellness inspiration every now and again along with a regular dose of stunning design. Sign up for our newsletter for the exclusive on all of our favorites.

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Pulp Home - Starburst Pull, Matte Brass Hardware, Matte Brass, Matte Black Hardware, Star Hardware, Nautical Hardware, Black Hardware, Brass Hardware

Matte Finish Hardware to Transform Your Furnishings

They’re here! We have been on the edge of our seats waiting to launch our newest collection of Starburst Pulls into the world of interior design hardware. We can’t get enough of matte black and brass finishes so it was only a matter of time until we put our own Pulp twist on one of our favorite trends.

The Matte Collection is the trendy, toned down but still dramatic sister of our original Starburst Pull design. We originally custom designed the pulls for Pulp’s first interior design client and loved them so much we decided to have them manufactured. After years of being a best seller on Pulp Home, we designed a new collection to bring a modern matte flair to your furnishings.

Introducing the Starburst Pull Matte Collection

Pulp Home - Starburst Pull Matte Black, Matte Black Hardware, Star Hardware, Nautical Hardware, Black Hardware, Matte Finish Hardware

Shop the Starburst Pull — Matte Black

Matte Brass Hardware.001

Shop the Starburst Pull — Matte Brass

Pulp Design Studios Starburst Pull Hardware


We can’t wait to see how you use the pulls in your space. Shop the entire Starburst Pull line, including the original polished nickel and brass pulls.

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Low Profile Statement Lighting

How To Make A Statement with Lighting When You Have a Low Ceiling

Our interior design clients come to us for a variety of reasons, but they all have had the realization that if they want their space to look bad a** and better than they could imagine, they’ll have to hire a designer. Sometimes it’s a strange living room layout, and other times it’s a low ceiling and lack of resources — whatever the reason, our clients often find themselves trying to create stunning spaces, but just not knowing how to work around design challenges to get the look they want.

During the design phase for a current project, we selected statement light fixtures that wouldn’t overcompensate on a low ceiling. We all love a bold look in large volume spaces, so we wanted to give our client fixtures that carried the same impact, but didn’t throw off the scale and balance of the rest of the space. The result was so darn good that we had to share a round-up of our favorite low profile light fixtures.

Low Profile Statement Lighting

Light Fixtures for Low Ceilings, Statement Lighting, Flush Mount Light Fixtures, Unique Ceiling Lighting

  1. Hanley Flush Mount | 2. Stargazer Semi Flush Mount | 3. Prescott Medium Semi Flush Mount  | 4. Dickinson Semi-Flush Mount | 5. Go-Go Flush Mount | 6. Strada Large Flush Mount | 7. Analise Small Chandelier | 8. Holly Ceiling Mount

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Top Interior Design Trends in 2018, Unexpected Details in Interior Design, Minimalist Interior Design Trends, Surrealist Inspired Interior Design, Blue Neutral Textiles, Burnout Velvet Textiles for Interiors, Self Care Trends, Travel Packet Face Masks

10 Interior Design Trends Taking Over 2018

The days are flying by as fast as the interior design trends are coming. January felt like trend scouting month as we dashed from airport to airport to check out the latest trends in the world of interiors for our interior design clients. With fresh editorial on the shelves and our hands full of design inspiration, here are 10 new interior trends taking over 2018.

The Pulp Edit: February 2018

Top Interior Design Trends February 2018.001

Tufted sofas are everything and we can’t get over how much depth a little traditional or channel tufting adds to a space. This space, designed by Nate Berkus and photographed by Chris Dibble for Gray Magazine, is the epitome of why we love tufted furniture so much.

Top Interior Design Trends February 2018.002

Gucci‘s SS18 campaign is like an illustrative tour of every artist and creator’s dream scape. Fittingly titled “Utopian Fantasy”, we think these illustrations by Ignasi Monreal are worthy of a custom frame and place on the wall.

Top Interior Design Trends February 2018.003

Marble and brass have both earned their respective spots on anyone’s list of favorite interior design trends, so it’s only fitting that someone combine them into one interesting and artisan accessory. We love the combination of these classics!

self care.001

Self-care is just as essential for your well being as an interior designer is for a coveted space. Not only do we love this photo by Kenneth Willardt from Harper’s Bazaar, but  face masks packaged in the perfect size for travel are a forever obsession, which is why we can’t get enough of the Derm Institute Anti-Oxidant Hydration Gel Masque — always in our travel bags!

Top Interior Design Trends February 2018.005

This space, photographed by Francois Halard, proves that there’s no such thing as rules when it comes to layered forms and adventurous design. We absolutely love the nod to surrealism in this art studio like loft.

Top Interior Design Trends February 2018.006

Our designs heavily involve  custom textile work, ranging from drapery to pillows so we see loads of interesting trims in our design clients’ futures. We recently laid eyes on this trim by Mokum and can’t wait to use it in a project.

Top Interior Design Trends February 2018.007

Interesting uses of tile for flooring has been a hot trend for awhile, but this geometric neutral puts a new twist on intriguing floor design. Photographed by Amanda Oster for Gray Magazine, this space is a stunning example of understated luxury.

Top Interior Design Trends February 2018.008

You heard it here first — blue monochrome is the new black and white. A burnout velvet by the Romo Group and a new favorite light fixture from SkLo are inspiring a new wave of monochrome in our current projects.

Top Interior Design Trends February 2018.009

We believe in using every possible surface and furnishing as an opportunity to add interest to our clients’ spaces. This table base is all of our “flair for the unexpected” dreams come true, photographed by Chris Dibble.

Top Interior Design Trends February 2018.010

Wood panels as a backsplash? Yes, please. Photographed by Max Kim-Bee, this space is another simplistic, yet stunning way to create interest in a space.

In summary, 2018 is the year of interest. Innovative applications of traditional materials and unexpected details are key to the most interesting spaces this year.

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How to Style Bedside Table, Nightstand Essentials

13 Things Everyone Should Have on Their Bedside Table

Selecting and styling bedside tables for our interior design clients is so much more than just picking something that looks nice. Design is nothing if it doesn’t elevate your everyday life, so finding a way to make our clients’ spaces look incredible while giving them all the function they could imagine is the top priority of our “Splendid Living” approach. Follow these tips for the most restful beauty sleep of your life…

Designer Tips for a Perfectly Styled Bedside Table

  1. Start with lighting. Absolutely no bedside table is complete without the right lighting. A table lamp will help create focus and give your space the right lighting for winding down at the end of the night.
  2. Give it personality. An artisan catchall and small coffee table books will give your bedside table the ultimate touch of personality. Use the catchall for function and books to inspire and add style.
  3. Add a notepad. Keep a small notepad nearby for those genius ideas that come to you in the middle of the night. You never know what brilliant idea you could forget!
  4. Get your beauty sleep. We like to keep our favorite overnight masks  close by to replenish our skin as we sleep. A nourishing skin treatment that can be left on overnight will help you relax — all sleep should be beauty sleep!
  5. Get relaxed. Make your bedroom the ultimate retreat by adding an essential oil diffuser for aromatic relaxation. This will keep your space smelling amazing and improve your quality of sleep!

Nightstand and Bedside Table Essentials, Bedroom Essentials, How to Style a Nightstand and Bedside Table, Brass Table Lamp, Water Carafe, Chic and Stylish Coasters, Essential Oil Diffuser, Small Coffee Table Books

  1. Genuine Marble Charging Dock | 2. Sweeney Lamp | 3. Golden Hands | 4. Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask | 5. Milan: The Considered Guide | 6. Marrakech: The Considered Guide | 7. Large Carafe | 8. Gemini Coaster Set | 9. Vitruvi Porcelain Essential Oil Diffuser | 10. Vitruvi Quiet Blend Essential Oil | 11. Notes Fabric Bound Journal | 12. Piedmont Vase | 13. La Mer The Lip Balm 

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