Our Best Tips for Staying Productive and Organized

The Pulp team is constantly asked – by both clients and other designers – how we keep everything going. We do have a lot to juggle with our projects, the Kips Bay Dallas showhouse (stay tuned!), product design, and so much more. But the key for our team is to stay organized and to keep our systems and processes running smoothly. Here are tips from each of our co-founders on how they get it all done!

Beth’s Tips

1. Don’t Procrastinate. This is a tough one, but I work hard to do what needs to be done right now. Yes, some parts of our job are not fun, but if we put them off it’s only going to get worse. So I look at my list of things to accomplish today and I power through it. I also like to start with the less-exciting things first. Then they are over and done with and I can move on to the good stuff!

2. Keep Your Spaces Uncluttered. I hate a messy workspace or room at home. And there have been studies that prove that all that clutter creates stress and anxiety. It will actually make you less motivated to get things done! Keep everything organized and have a place for every single thing. We not only do that in our workspaces, but we also make sure that our clients’ homes have plenty of storage and organized spaces.

3. Delegate Anything You Can. I’ve learned not to sweat the small stuff! That doesn’t mean that I delegate everything at work, but we do hire others for bookkeeping, marketing, measuring clients’ homes, and more! I also delegate things in my personal life so I can get more done or have more time with my family. Things like errands, house cleaning, and small repairs can easily be moved to someone else’s to-do list. Mine is long enough!

Carolina’s Tips

1. Set Priorities for the Day. As you can imagine, our to-do lists are LONG, so it’s important to make a list of priorities that need to be completed each day. If I looked at the entire to-do list every morning I would be overwhelmed and unmotivated! It’s better to keep them in small chunks that can be accomplished that day, which keeps our team productive and organized, and helps us meet all of our deadlines.

2. Take a Break. This may seem like a counterproductive tip, but having breaks throughout the day keeps my mind clear and focused. Everyone needs to have ways of combatting stress, and I like to have a cup of tea or take some time to walk or stretch. Those small breaks also help us keep our minds in a creative zone, which is so key.

3. Label It. I am crazy for organizational tools – they help me keep the chaos to a minimum. I like to put things away and then label the containers so I know exactly what’s inside. This has helped me with everything from keeping my kitchen organized, to creating a clutter-free workroom in the studio. Boxes of fabrics are labeled, so are folders and drawers, and even my storage containers of dry ingredients at home. It gives me a crazy sense of satisfaction to see everything neatly organized!

Use these ideas to get your own office and home under control! And if you need help creating an organized and gorgeous home, give us a call!