Pulp at Home: Beth’s Tips for Selecting the Right Paint

Last month, I shared all about how I came to live in our home. But we couldn’t move in without a proper paint job – plus, it’s a perfect time to paint when nothing is in the house! So I wanted to share some before-and-after photos, along with some tips and tricks on selecting paint. As we say at Pulp, it’s all about an individual experience and applications can vary from project to project. Let’s take a look at how I tackled a few of the spaces in our whole-home paint job…

Pulp At Home - Paint at Beths.001

The living room has such great light – it just needed a brighter and more up-to-date palette to make the most of the sun streaming through those windows.

Pulp At Home - Paint at Beths.002

I’m thrilled to finally be taking on my own little design project! Just like with any other project, we pulled everything together on mood boards to make sure the paint colors were perfect – and worked together perfectly!

Pulp At Home - Paint at Beths.003 Pulp At Home - Paint at Beths.004

The tone-on-tone colors in the living room are crisp and clean – so much more modern!

Pulp At Home - Paint at Beths.005

The dining room obviously needed an update – it was firmly stuck in the wrong decade.

Pulp At Home - Paint at Beths.006

Since the living room and dining room are open to each other, we wanted the colors to flow seamlessly from room to room, too.

Pulp At Home - Paint at Beths.007 Pulp At Home - Paint at Beths.008

I’m thrilled with how the rooms are coming together, but we have a lot more to do (like that new chandelier)! Stay tuned…

Pulp At Home - Paint at Beths.009The tile really dated the kitchen. We weren’t ready for a full demo, so we had to come up with a plan to modernize this kitchen’s look as quickly as possible. Paint was the solution!

Pulp At Home - Paint at Beths.010

Yes, you can cover tile with a primer – and it made all the difference!

Pulp At Home - Paint at Beths.011 Pulp At Home - Paint at Beths.012

It isn’t perfect (yet), but it’s SO much better!

Pulp At Home - Paint at Beths.013

I wasn’t a fan of this color in the master – and the “accent” was on the wrong wall.

Pulp At Home - Paint at Beths.014

A darker color is perfect in a bedroom – it creates a cozy feeling.

Pulp At Home - Paint at Beths.015 Pulp At Home - Paint at Beths.016

Still working on our bedroom… but it’s looking lovely in this light!

Pulp At Home - Paint at Beths.017

While paint can make a huge difference, this basement had a not-so-happy surprise in store for us that caused us to change things up…

Pulp At Home - Paint at Beths.018

The original plan was just to paint the wall with a great scrubbable option.

Pulp At Home - Paint at Beths.019 Pulp At Home - Paint at Beths.020 Pulp At Home - Paint at Beths.021

I feel like painting a home really helps you claim it. It shifts the energy and makes it feel like home. And, now that the paint crew has finished painting, it’s time to get to the fun stuff… the furnishings!

Dotolo Design Scheme Pulp At Home

After Carolina shares all about her renovation next week, I’m going to start revealing a bit about our furniture design – which is still in progress!

For now, we’re leaving you with some serious before photos (above) and a little tease at the progress over at #FigTreeRambler, so far….



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